I UK [kɑːm] / US [kɑm] adjective
Word forms "calm":
adjective calm comparative calmer superlative calmest
a) not affected by strong emotions such as excitement, anger, shock, or fear

An hour after the accident, I was starting to feel calmer.

stay/keep/remain calm:

We were told to stay calm as help was on the way.

b) used about the way someone talks or behaves

a calm quiet voice

2) calm water does not move very much

The sea looks much calmer today.

We could see our reflections in the calm surface of the lake.

3) if the weather is calm, there is very little wind

a calm day

We're going to see a period of calmer weather starting this weekend.

4) peaceful and not affected by violence, fighting, or excited activity

The city appears calm after last night's missile attack.

a calmer day on the stock market after yesterday's big falls

Derived words:
UK / US adverb
noun uncountable
II UK [kɑːm] / US [kɑm] verb
Word forms "calm":
present tense I/you/we/they calm he/she/it calms present participle calming past tense calmed past participle calmed
1) [transitive] to make someone feel more relaxed and less emotional

None of our efforts to calm her succeeded.

2) [intransitive] to make a situation more peaceful and less affected by violence, fighting, or excited activity

The stock market has calmed after a busy few weeks.

Phrasal verbs:
III UK [kɑːm] / US [kɑm] noun [uncountable] *
1) a situation in which everything is peaceful and there is no trouble or violence
2) a state in which you are not affected by strong emotions such as excitement, anger, shock, or fear

He accepted her decision with his usual calm.

3) a state in which there is no wind, so that the sea does not move very much

English dictionary. 2014.


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